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Country Clipper is a division of Shivvers Manufacturing Inc. of Corydon, Iowa, who since 1968 has led the world in innovation of counter flow grain drying equipment used in farming. In 1984, Shivvers expanded to include the Country Clipper division of zero turn lawn mowers.

In the early years, Country Clipper produced zero turn mowers for other national companies such as Yazoo, Bush Hog, Snapper, and Dixon. Today, Country Clipper designs and builds its own brand and has a dedicated dealer network throughout North America and other countries.

For 35 years, Country Clipper has designed, built and marketed zero-turn mowers and accessories for both lawn care professionals and residential and estate homeowners. We are one of the pioneers in the zero-turn mower industry. Whether you’re mowing a small yard, manicuring a 3-acre estate, or you’re a professional in the lawn care business, Country Clipper has a zero-turn mower that will meet virutally any need. Compare us to the competition. We’re confident that when you do, you’ll choose Country Clipper. Feature for feature, nothing else comes close.

Joystick Control- It’s what makes driving a Country Clipper mower the best experience in the industry. 

 30 Years of Manufacturing Joystick Control Zero Turn Mowers

Country Clipper is pleased to celebrate 30 years of manufacturing joystick controlled zero turn mowers. In 1989, Country Clipper developed the lawn and garden industry’s first joystick operated zero turn mower, catapulting into the zero-turn mower marketplace. After 30 years of mastering the design, Country Clipper remains the industry leader in manufacturing joystick operated machines.

“From introducing the first stand-up deck to joystick control – innovation and experience are what separates us from the competition,” said Carl Shivvers, President of Country Clipper. “We continue to give users the best operating experience with the joystick steering zero turn mower.”

Originally marketed under the Snapper brand name, Country Clipper officially launched the first joystick equipped ZTR in Spring of 1990. While mechanically the machine functioned like the standard twin stick ZTRs of the time, a linkage assembly enabled a single joystick to synchronously operate both wheel motors. When the joystick was pointed diagonally, each wheel motor would engage at just the right proportion to propel the mower diagonally. If the joystick was positioned to the left, the machine would maneuver in a zero turn. It was simple: point the joystick in the direction you want to go, and the mower will do just that.

After instant market success, Country Clipper soon began manufacturing joystick zero turn mowers exclusively under the Country Clipper brand name. Today, Country Clipper proudly offers 20 models of joystick operated machines with more than 30 years of design and user experience.

Stand-Up Deck-Ease of maintenance and serviceability allow you increased service from your mower. 


Hand Rail

Universally designed to assist the operator when entering or exiting the mower. Coupled with the wide front step, climbing into the seat has never been easier.





ContourDTSTM – Pivoting Axle-Deck pivots and floats due to a specially engineered front axle.  Front axle floats the deck giving you a smoother ride and consistent cut.