Here at Jim Micco and sons we like to provide great quality along with the best service around, that’s exactly what your getting with our DR Snow Blower’s.






It’s that time of year again, DR Power’s Spring sale here at Jim Micco And Son’s is back.

Model’s on floor come check them out.

Lightweight and Maneuverable

  • 26″ cut
  • 10.5 HP Briggs engine, Manual-Start
  • Cuts 2″ saplings, 4-ft high grass, 8-ft high weeds & brush
  • Accepts all optional attachments


Maximum Power for the Hardest Woods!

  • 11.7 HP DR OHV Engine, Electric-Start
  • High head speed: 2790 rpm
  • 8 carbide-tipped teeth take 372 “bites” per second
  • 3 grinding positions extend teeth life 3X
  • Includes Offroad Tow Kit (Pin and Ball Hitches)



Our Pro 24 DR Snow Blower is our lightest and easiest to maneuver DR Snow Blower. At 24″ wide, it makes walks Passable in a single pass and will throw snow up to 40′ away. With 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds, the Pro 24 is terrific value. Ideal for small-to-medium sized jobs.


Sale: $799.99

  Our Pro 28 DR Snow Blower steps up from our base model by increasing the clearing width (to 28″ wide) And powering it with a bigger engine (8 HP, 252cc). It will throw snow up to 50′ away and get you dug out from heavy snow quickly and efficiently.


Sale: $999.99











Not to mention our Pro 24 / 28 comes with led light and heated hand grips. Which makes day or night comfortable and easily visible.







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  The PULSE™ Snow Thrower is ultra-light, easy to use, and powerful enough to throw snow 30 feet away. It’s 62V battery holds a charge for up to 30 minutes and with an extra battery (optional) loaded in the dock, you can work for up to an hour without interruption.

Tool Only (no battery or Charger)

List: $549.99

Sale: $499.99


With  1  1 battery and charger


Sale: $699.99


The great thing about our Pulse Cordless Snow Thrower, is the battery works with all of our other cordless battery operated equipment. That’s String Trimmer’s, Leaf Blower’s, chainsaw’s, and hedge Trimmer’s, One battery fits all!















DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum

PRO 321
  The PRO 321 model leaf and lawn vacuum has a capacity of 43 cubic feet, or 321 gallons, and dumps quickly and easily. The PRO model is perfect for medium-to-large properties with heavier lawn cleanup. This vac is equipped with a DR 9.2 HP (15.3 ft-lbs gross torque*) OHV engine with cast iron cylinder sleeve.
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